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Gig info Sep,Oct

Montreal ,ottawa~end of August.

sep 11 Private party

sep 21 Hotbox At kensington market

sep 26 Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre party

oct3, 5 'Hooked' A Group Art Exhibition - October 3, 2013 - 7pm - 11pm
Moniker Gallery 452 Richmond St West, Toronto

Oct 19 here: ART FUSION *Carnival www.facebook.com/events/579727772062203/

Oct 20 The Art Galleria Expo Toronto Art Expo of the year! Sun. Oct.20 @ 6pm-12am.
I'll show at 10:30pm!!
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Gig info

Hoshi yoga in Downtown 130min 17:00~
july 9
Hoshi yoga in patio 90min 17:00~
july 16
Hoshi yoga in Downtown 130min 17:00~

July 27
Private party at Richmond Hill.
July 28 1:00~ At Kensington market ''House of energy''

August 3 1 year anniversary party!! 
Nice japanese street food,
I'll play at 2:30~
august 9 Burning chrome
August 10 Chinatown festival http://www.chinatowntcsm.com/

August 17 HotBox At kensinton market

Travel to Montreal ,ottawa
sep 11 Private party
sep 21 Hotbox At kensington market
sep 26 Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre party
sep 29 House of energy in kensington market
oct3, 'Hooked' A Group Art Exhibition - October 3, 2013 - 7pm - 11pm
Moniker Gallery 452 Richmond St West, Toronto
oct 5 nuit branch at monikar gallery
oct 17 Urvah Khan's band support (Percussionist)
Oct 19 here: ART FUSION *Carnival www.facebook.com/events/579727772062203/
Oct 20 The Art Galleria Expo Toronto Art Expo of the year! Sun. Oct.20 @ 6pm-12am.
oct 27 House of energy in kensington market
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2013 GIG schedule

2013 May 4
ART FUSION *Festival*: May 4 @ Mel Lastman Square -OPEN SPACE for all ARTS/MUSIC Collectives to Jam: Dance, play Music, Drum & showcase Visual Arts for FREE! *Fire Spinners, Aerialists, Jugglers, Break-dancers, Magicians & Stiltwalkers* IT’s FREE to perform, display Artwork and offer Workshop - JUST SIGNUP here www.artfusioncollectives.com

May 6 Rogers daytime TV interview and studio GIg.

    In kenginton market 21:00~
May 12 house of moment


june 1
(Night ) missisaga Prive Birthday party

June 9 Artisanal Food Market, at the Harbourfront Centre 16:00~
June 22 Private Party
June 29
[Dark Matter @The White House Studio]

/Art installation/
/Black&White Photo Gallery by local photographers/
/Live Ambient/Chill/Psychedelic/Wired Music/

Location: The White House Studio(277.5 Augusta Ave.)


Hoshi yoga in Downtown 130min 20$ 17:00~
july 9
Hoshi yoga in patio 90min 10$
july 16
Hoshi yoga in Downtown 130min 20$ 17:00~
July 23
Hoshi yoga in Downtown 130min 20$ 17:00~
July 27
Private party

August 17 HotBox At kensinton market
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Rogers daytime TV Studio Live.

Rogers daytime TV Studio Live.
Facebook Ho ssy
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Youtube Ho ssy

Youtube Ho ssy
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Ho ssy's Facebook page
Prenty picture are inside!!!
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schedule 2013

~23 Jan Stay Canada Toronto

24 Jan Dutch Amsterdam

25 Jan France paris ~
26 Jan West Africa Burkina faso Salif dembele band tour
gig at remdugoo burkinafaso
27 gig at remdugoo burkinafaso

4 feb Home party at sondogo village

14 feb gig at KINGS BAR Burkina faso
17 feb Gig at sondogo village school Burkina faso
23 feb GIg at shef's traditional party Burkinafaso
24 feb Gig at school Burkinafaso
25 feb gig at shef's traditional party Burkinafaso
27 feb gig at zaka Burkinafaso

Drum training

~4 April Come back to Canada Toronto
I'll stay in Canada until end of August minimum.

Let's make something together!!
Any party,Attraction,Function,Performance,Festival,primary school,University,wedding,
Ask me.If you have any questions.
I can teach Hatha Yoga and Asian massage too.For kids??No problem.
Any Booking are
ssttaarr55@hotmail.com or Ho ssy (facebook)


13 Jan Street performance in Toronto Canada


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How are you buddy??This One is Free download music site.
Please enjoy and relax.

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Japan ,Canada Tour 2012


30 nov community music event "The Jam"
Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre (http://www.regentparkfocus.com/)


18 11 2012 Spoke N’ Heard presents their 12th consecutive creative arts event




street performance in Toronto

December 14th @ The Devil's Cellar

10 dec
Shimokitazawa URAUCHI(うらうち)
Session with Legend Goro

7 Dec Dead heads land Umejima Yukotopia


8 Dec  10:00〜足立区伊興小学校 Tokyo adachi-ku ikou primary school



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Ho ssy schedule DEC 2012


28 nov Ho ssy music yoga class 18:00~at Dundas
29 nov street performance in dundas st 17:00~
30 nov community music event "The Jam"
Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre (http://www.regentparkfocus.com/)
I'll show solo performance.This night will be many kids^^

1 Dec street performance in dundas st 17:00~
2 Dec street performance in dundas st 17:00~
3 Dec~11 Dec In Japan Tokyo tour
6 Dec Gig At Chiba Kashiwa わdininggoyen 20:00〜START AT 千葉県柏市柏3-6-14 増谷第二ビル 04-7108-8808 出演したい人、来たい方ぜひ連絡ください^^おいらはソロでやります。
7 Dec Ho ssy live set 1hour at Dead heads land Umejima Yukotopia
start 19:00~w/UTAGE BAND(Psychederic rock),Heres for theres(Blueglassjamband)
8 Dec  10:00〜足立区伊興小学校 Tokyo adachi-ku ikou primary school
    20:00~gig at kouenji moon stomp "DEAD NIGHT"
I have 20min w/ TANE,CCQ(Jamrockband),shinichirou sakurai 
10 dec Shimokitazawa URAUCHI(うらうち)
    Guest musician KOYAN(F.L.Y)
12 Dec leave Japan
13Dec Arrive Canada Toronto

December 14th @ The Devil's Cellar

>> Featuring guest performances by

[ compUterus ]
A surefire blast from a dystopian future, power electronics and a noise soundscape that will fill your receptors

[ Ho Ssy ]
Experimental street performer, a tantalizing combination of traditional acoustics and digital improvisation


[ Skeletalkitten & Synescape ]
Spinning noise, experimental, IDM and dark ambient

>> PWYC All Ages 19+ at the bar
>> 2872 Dundas Street West in the basement of Celt's Pub


Beat at Creators' lounge 】

A special night for Japanese, international, local designers and creators to get together and bring out their creations !!

日本人発、トロントに在住する DJ / VJ / Musicians / Illustrators / Photographers などのクリエイター達を呼び集め、2012年9月より定期開催するカルチャーイベント。
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18 11 2012 Spoke N’ Heard presents their 12th consecutive creative arts event

$15.00 in Advance (Message JV Da Poet)
$20.00 @TheDoor

Purchase tickets at


30 11 2012 community music event "The Jam"
Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre (http://www.regentparkfocus.com/)
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2012 28 09 Ho ssy New Ep release from Plusquamrecords

1.Mbiraguitar Recorded at Zimbabwe 2011 jan Album from"Mbira guitar"
Remixing at Australia 2011 May
"Synchro system "
Instruments,mbira guitar,abelton Live,wind chime,boss sampler,djembe,foot
drum and snare.

2.Rainy day's mbira guitar Recorded at Australia 2011 jun Album from Mbira guitar
Nature is teacher.one of the most important thing is "Family"
Instruments,Mbiraguitar,abelton Live.Nature sound by Perth,WA

3,Busking life Recorded at Australia 2011 jun Album from Mbira guitar
No one live just only one. Respect all.
Instruments,Mbira guitar,tambourine,Abelton live.

4,Barra beach Recorded at Gambia 2011 sep album from "want to be Yogi"
Natural Ambient music with West african's nature sound.
Instruments,Mbira guitar,Abelton live.

5,Thousand leaf's blues Recorded At Japan 2012 jan
"EMPTYHEADS REMIX" Life is blues already.

6..song of apple made from Australia 2012 march 11
lyric mean about,
From grandchild to grand father and grand mother.
Hibari misora( famous singer from north part of japan) looking you from sky
I was remember when I was young who went to fukushima to gather edible plants with you guys.
I'm sorry to grand father and grand mother.
I don't wanna say but I must say about it.
''Escape next generation!"
Cuz of child..........
Song of apple are from grand child to grand father and mother.

Let's natural life,No more nuclear power plant.

instruments, mbiraguitar,abelton reason,live,S.E from yarugorup national park and swanborne beach.
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Gig Schedule 2012 JUNE JULY Rishikesh,europe

2012 JUNE GIG Schedule

29Freedom Cafe Ho ssy(Live set) w/ Bawa(From Dubai),Baba tuktuk band(Baba(From varanasi),Govinda(From Russia),Antonio(From Italy)).
30Little Italy Cafe Ho ssy(live set),DJ YUMA(From Japan)

07 01 Mokusha Restaurant 19:00~start.
21:00~DJ YUMA 22:00~
07 02 Chill out Cafe Puja time(Day) Ho ssy(live set)w/Baba tuktuk band(International)
07 03 Freedom Cafe Ho ssy(Live set)w/ Bawa(From dubai),DJ Yuma
07 04 East west restaurant Bawa(From Dubai) I'll support to him.
07 05 Hotel Divya(Yoga studio gig) Ho ssy(Long live set)
07 06 Hotel Divya(Yoga studio gig) Ho ssy(Long live set)
07 07 Chilloutcafe "TANABATA" Ho ssy(Live set),DJ YUMA,Mark(From UK)

07 13~Mountain doof party in Swissland http://smeralda-jewels.blogspot.in/
07 15
0728 swisstzerland~berlin
0821 amsterdam
canada toronto

All event are Free Charge,20:00~start. Thanks for all. _/\_
*Except 0713~15
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New album ''YOGI" release 2012 06 29

chillout ALbum"YOGI" release today.Thanks for all_/\_


1.Initiation Made from India, Australia 2009 oct~dec Album from
Instruments,acoustic guitar,shino-hue(japanese traditional
flute),Indian flute,birds whistle,
djembe,original organic instruments(cymbal,guiro,foots drum
and hand drum)

2.Cerestial song
3.Grain of music

4.mbiraguitar Recorded at Zimbabwe 2011 jan Album from"Mbira guitar"
Remixing at Australia 2011 May
"Synchro system "
Instruments,mbar guitar,abelton Live,wind chime,boss
drum and snare.

5.osho Zimbabwe traditional instruments"mbira" into my guitar by
Samson brure(zimbabwe mbira artist)
Like Holy Ganga's flow chill out live music. Your inside have these
songs mean.please,just feel.
instruments,mbira guitar,abelton Live,wind chime,boss
sampler,djembe,foot drum and snare.

6.mix Made from Australia 2011 june Album from "Mbira guitar"
Lyric about means
White like yellow and black things.
Yellow like white and black things.
Black like white and yellow things.Everybody like another kind of
human things.Traveling teach us.
I hope more mix culture and people whole the world.
instruments,mbira guitar,tambourine,abelton live,and throat.

7.kebbajo Made from The Gambia 2011 sep album from "Want to be yogi"
Shining one everytime giving to them something.
Many humanbeing(animal)living around Shining one.
Shining one have power.Traveling teach us.
instrumens,abelton live.

8.From forest "EMPTYHEADS REMIX"
Made from Germany 2010 sep Remix from Australia 2012 april
Medicine music. No problem your life,Just make good action
Instruments abelton live,reason,caisa drum,indian foot chimes
9.GOLDEN AXE Made from The Gambia2011 and Australia2012
They want to know about you.
Shining one was drop some axe in Holy lake.
Suddenly Some onecamefrom strange lake in front of ourself.
Some one have Two axes.One is a too bright ,Definitely, Golden
One is a old axe,But This one have beautiful relief ……
Some one had calm face and heart with laughing faces
Some one said'' Which one is your axe?''
Instruments, abelton live,reason,S.E from yarugorup national
park(Australia) and Barra beach(Banjul)

Soundcloud/ho ssyhoshi.com
Ho ssy(Facebook)
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Mac suddenly Freeze from 13 jun,
I did gig 13,14.
13 was play with Baba tuktuk from varanasi,
He care all people all the time.Good musician!
He mainly play sufi music in Hindi.

14 was more one guy came from Dubai.
He is Bawa.heart beat by acoustic guitar and threat.
Session was nice too.
He played very well too.

Then,15,I went to New delhi capital of India.
Mac office was very quickly fixing came.
I was afraid for if mac forgot everything….like my all music, pic,text,etc…ya,,yabai!
Cos,I don't have harddisc copy….

But,It was very OK!
I got harddisc as well,It took 4300RS not bad.

Mr Ruike family gave to me lovely japanese food and stay.
We met sai yoga 1month ago.
He making textbook about yoga.
He just finish yoga teacher course it took 1 month.
He making river in India about government work.
Nice family coming.

so,16 I came to Dharamshara.
By Bus,700RS 12Hour.
Seat was most back seat on left wheels.
Indian soul bus vibration was too strong for myself.
No more back seat please next time.

By the way,Here have most Big Tibetan temple.
Dhrai rama living there.
1300m's mountain,Tibetan people looks very similar to Japanese,korean,kazafstan,chinese,asian!!
mongoroid coming.
And,Many monk coming.I Getting relax more.
Season is also nice.I heard Now is best season to stay.
I went to Big tibetan temple.
Tibet problem become real more than before.
Tibetan people lost them country by china country……
I saw again few monk's picture….
They were suicide by themself's fire, to China government.
Lhasa or all of tibet place getting mind control,like education,everything.
Who did education system make?
Because,There can make one human being's mind.
What is good,What is bad.Valuable.
I don't think,all history are correct when we studied school.

I met 1 female dancer called pily from columbia.
She have Buto group in dharamshara.
She maily doing dance on silence she said.
We made 1 street performance.
Improvisation was so beautiful.
Next one will be temple she said.I don't know yet.
And, I went to Universal Yoga.
From 7:00am~8:30.
They said Hatha yoga,But,I felt more ashtanga,ianger yoga influence.
New class give myself very fresh and motivation.
They didn't have many shabasana like rest time.
But,Yoga ws nice.dhannyaward.
Teacher spoken nice detail.
I will go to there tomorrow as well.

Thank you for all.


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Nature is teacher

Ho ssy Gig schedule in Rishikesh India 2012 JUNE
7mokusha restaurant
8 Freedom cafe
9 Little Italy Restaurant
10 Mokusha restaurant
13Mokusha restaurant with Baba tuktuk(Indian classic singer From varanasi)
14Little italy restaurant w/ Bao (soul acoustic From Dubai)
All event are charge free,20:00~ start

21:30~ DJ YUMA,Session time. _/\_

Yesterday,Suddenly 1 monkey came to my room.
He steel my fruits.
Animal doesn't have humanbeing rule.
It's very ok.
If we want to make good relationship to monkey.
we should give any food.
It's simple way.
Why Lion king have many friends all the time?
He can bring many foods to friends.
It's simple.

Nature is teacher,universe is teacher.

I went to mountain sometimes.
I did recording nature sound.
And then,I felt.......

Mountain is sound.
It's wrong.
Mountain are sounds.
It's not only mountain sounds.
Mountain have so many living things.
It's like orchestra.
Now, I doing music almost solo.
But, I want to make band now.

No one living just by themself...
Nature teach myself.

I"m going to more SHAMANIC MUSIC WAY!!

By the way,
I making Mantra CD,And Yoga lesson CD with "YOGI SAN DEEP(SAIYOGA)
And,Hindi song as well.

Thank you for all _/\_
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Ho ssy Gig schedule May,June 2012 in India



26 Nirvana restaurant
27Mokusha restaurant
28Little Italy Cafe
29recording at Cave
30recording at Cave
31Mudra cafe

1Mokusha restaurant
2Little Italy cafe
3West east restaurant

All event are charge free,start 20:00~

Shanty Shanty. _/\_

And,I did update 27 May 2012 Gig At Mokusha Rishikesh India 48:10
Please check to soundcloud.com/Ho ssyHoshi

Thank you For all.

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Shanty India


Ho ssy's Gig schedule.
May 2012 in rishkesh.

21 Cafe MUDRA Ho say live set/ guest musician Surya(Indian flute from India),Fumina(from japan)
22 OFF
23MOKSHA restaurant Ho say live set/guest musician Surya(indian flute from India)
24West east restaurant Ho ssy live set
25Freedom cafe Ho ssy live set
26NIRVANA restaurant
27MOKUSHA restaurant

All event are start 20:00~,Free entrance. _/\_
Thank you for all.

I gonna stay in Rishkesh almost 2weeks.

Can I wright down my life style?
Cos,Too very good for myself!

I Wake up at 5:30 by horse's foot sound every morning.
Go to holy Ganga river,some people are swimming already!!
Baba(sadu) doing meditation.I can hear "om namo shiva"
"om namo shiva" like mantra.They pray to devine.
I think similar "namuamidabutsu"
Focus is only one.
I don't understand absolutely about meditation.
Deep world…….too deep…..

I doing meditation,Focus was just my breath,
Holy ganga gave to myself nice wind,air,everything.
Indian people can do many things by Holy ganga.
Like wash cloth,swim,toilet,drink,relax.
If we have awesome River…….
We might be live without many things, What's are you think?

After meditation,Mind is pretty clear.
Please go away my EGO…………

I come back to my room.
Aryulvedic doctor MR kotari rent for myself.
He is very nice guy,warm heart,He care many people all the time.
He can say collect answer when I have some question about Yoga and Aryurvedic.
He give myself plactice environment in my room….

So,I went mountain 2days back.
There have some waterfall and beautiful mountain.
I did recording for some nature sound already.
Like, pretty tiny river's flow sound,water sound,birds sound,animal voice.
Air was also fresh."ENERGY"

I making music and plactice musical instruments or cleaning room with
tibetan insence stick.

Chai time.My important time.speak to friends,study hindi speaking.

Yoga class.My teacher name is "SUN DEEP"
He was growing up in ashram since he was small.
He give to us good relax overtime.
Kind of sivananda,Hatha yoga.
Especially,His voice is awesome.
I like it!!

Breakfast time.
I take plate fruits(papaya,cucumber,watermelon,etc)
just 10rs pretty cheep!
And,I drink rassi(plain)

making music,plactice.

lunch. I gonna go to local dal shop.(curry)
vegetable,paneer,beans very healthy coming.

making music.plactice.

Yoga class
Night time yoga is hard more than day time yoga.
But, If we making yoga everyday.
We can get more frexible body and mind definitely.
Some people don't like daily way…..
But,Daily plactice give us absolutely things.It's simple.

going to Gig place.set up,sound check.

Performance time.
I'm doing Ambient music way.
Improvisation by I and I.
place, air,guest,stuff.everything are important.
I just feel energy without much thinking.


Dedgeridoo and Djembe time,
Nature sound with deeply effective guitar solo.
psyche trance music.
sing a song.
Macbook and Live(abelton) give myself plenty of new music way.
Still I'm learning DTM music…..mmmm also deeply.

Free entrance fee is OK.
It's my karma yoga.

Shop gave to myself organic foods.
Lastnight was Vegetable thali(curry) And Herb rice I forgot herb's name,
But,Foods was awesome.

go to bed……………..zzzzz
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music yogi way traveling

in Egypt giza 2010
in australia perth with great musician koji matsumoto 2012
in japan asakusa "waentei kikkou"owner hukui koudai making japanese tsugarushamisen (north part of japan's traditional string instruments)live performance place.really awesome musician.I was work there 2006 pic was2011
in australia perth paint from richard seward my important friends made it.awesome work.2011
in turkey istanbul2010
in zimbabwe harare 2011 with my dance teacher daniel When he teach dance to kids,kids going to win in any conpetition.
in UK london bakkingham park2011
in the gambia ex slave port near banjul 2011
in Egypt giza pyramid 2011
In india new delhi recording at chillomrecords 2012
in India new delhi recording at chillomrecords2012
In india meditation at rishkesh I made djembe from nature sandal wood by only hands.I didn't use any machines.It took 1month!!thanks jungle vibes's Mkesh and family. In front of holy ganga river 2009
In UK busking at london2011
in India new delhi recording at chillomrecords2012
In australia perth good bye party with my best friends 2010
in australia pray for japan 2011
in australia perth busking at northbridge2009 White drum was handmade,from aceton tank
In australia perth pray for japan with my beautiful friends2011 MR keyaki started pray for japan charity busking!!He has really good heart and mind.music also awesome.
In australia perth pray for japan with beautiful guys 2011
In japan south of chiba2012
In india rishikesh jungle vibes 2009
in australia perth pray for japan with keyaki and sanshi dedgeridoo.He taught me dedgeridoo sometimes.Play is too awesome 2011
In west australia wedding party gig with maui fire performar2010
In japan tokyo gig at uraura2012
in australia perth busking at northbridge 2011
In australia perth pray for japan with sally from niui good musician and she has warm heart 2011
in UK london busking 2011
in UK london gig at creative collective exhibition brickrane 1001 cafe 2011
in germany munich2010
in zimbabwe ringa village2011
in ethiopia gig in addisababa's hotel 2010
in Ethiopia shashamane 2010 Here is holy place by Rasta religion
in germany munich
in zimbabwe harare with samson brure(mbira maker muscian)play is too awesome 2011
in australia perth2009
in rishkesh india2008
in culcutta india 2012
in japan asakusa2012
in UK london gig at journey hostel kennington2012
in Zimbabwe ringa village 2011 no electric city,no gus,water from earth. natural life style. we can use more less any chemical energy for bright future.Many children wainting.
the gambia barra beach with my drum teacher samba He have good heart and pretty good skill sabal ,djembe and tama 2011
in egypt giza2011
in turkey istanbul busking at istikral st2010
the Gambia barra 1st drumlesson at blackcow entertainment 2011

in UK london one of the busking point2011
in india new delhi recording at chillom records one of famous singer chillom crew2012
in japan shinbashi tokyo. Organic natural percussionist "shujiro" He know how to make good way except chemicals.He is pretty smart,music also awesome.He stayed himaraya's cave 6month before. He is my organic way's teacher too.
in Thailand busking at kaosan road 2010
in Japan Fukushima kooriyama my father was born here baby is myself with grandmother.My special place1982 \"Too much development whole the world.We must study by Fukushima.It's not only Japan problem.
in Egypt dahab2011 too beautiful place.

After KL>>>west australia perth 4month>>>>singapore 2days>>>india3month>>>>>
thailand2weeks>>>>>japan 2weeks>>>>vietnum couple of day>>>
thailand 2weeks>>>>>malaysia 3days>>>>australia 4month>>>>
singapore 1weeks>>>>>india 3month>>>>>australia 3month>>>>>
singapore 2days>>>>germany munich 40days>>>>>turkey1month>>>>
egypt 1month>>>>ethiopia 2weeks>>>>zimbabwe 1month>>>>
egypt 1month>>>>>singapore 2days>>>australia 3month>>>>
japan 10days>>>>>australia 3month>>>>>singapore 3days>>>>
senegal 2weeks>>>>the gambia 1month>>>>UK 2month>>>>>
morocco 1month>>>>singapore 1weeks>>>>>malaysia 3days>>>>
japan 1month half>>>>indonesia 1day>>>>australia 3month>>>>>
indonesia bali 4days>>>>>

Now is india. I'll wright down about this traveling.Many happening came to myself.
As possible as I do for it.
I did only music performance, massage and yoga.
But, It's not only my energy.
people gave to me many things all the time.
I never forget this kind of things.

Srilanka guys might be god for myself.
I'm getting yoga musician way.

I should do good action.and respect all the things......
please break down my EGO.
But,I'm still learning about it.
I can't do this way sometimes.But,I can do.
I should give.
Love is give way......................

Thanks for reading!
in The gambia barra beach
# by hossyjapan | 2012-05-10 12:51

How does real survive busking life has come story in thailand and malaysia KL 2009

In malaysia some hostel2009
In malaysia central market's gig2009
In malaysia infront of pasar semi2009

I did busking(play music on the street)at kaosan road.
I met many kind especially massage school people.
But, trouble again...My djembe's ring was broken suddenly.
needs fixing.I walk walk walk around in bangkok.
And then I met 1 metal customer,He gave to me fixing.
While to research and fixing,I played only shino-bue (japanese traditional festival flute)
That time was like initiation......Very hardcore life.....

I got some money for survive,And then,
One of Friends gave to myself about good information.
"My friends went australia's farm,and then he got 10000$ only 3month"
I thoughts "oh! I must go!!!

My traveling plan was go away......cos such as stuation.
My all energy going to survive,Otherwise I went to dead.
It was serious.

I'll took bus from kaosan to hajyai(south thailand)
When I was hajyai,djembe's ring was break down again...."fuck again!!"
I discoverd new fixing guy. He did well.
From hajyai to malaysia KL by long Bus.I forgot price,not so much But,I was poor boy.

I was in K.L in the early morning.
I was start make tight for my djembe.
This skill was from my brother.
He taught myself how to make djembe many times.
He gonna play african band in japan.
called like "WONGAI BOYS"
Very good musician more than me,Cos He doing only african music since long time ago.and
He going west africa almost every years.

Well,KL gave to me many happen as well.
I love KL.mainly I played in front of pasar semi station,
sometimes chinatown,central market,bukit bintang.

Oneday I met 1 kind malaysian guy called johnny while to busking.
He worked some cellphone company,
He gave to me music work about cellophone event show,
Chinese new year's party etc.....
He said "you are good man, You can stay my house free no problem food is free no problem.
From this day,I did busking everyday 8hour perday without any money.
I was spend 40days in KL.

And then I got any money about australia's working holiday visa's pay,
And airplane pay to west australia Perth,That time had promotion by malaysia airline.
like 450RG about 170$ pretty lucky.
I can't say just thank you for them.
I was cry,cry,cry when we get say good bye.
I don't growing up only myself.
Everybody supported for me,and then Story going on........
I thoughts 1 things.When I went to kunbha mera in india(biggest sadu festival in india)
I met many sadu,I felt sadu or monk doing busking as well.as they look like.
I just felt I'm sorry if some people think no.......
People doing give to them.They have some energy,They know how to make good life.
I met many monk while to traveling.
They also understand how to make real happiness for the life.
Not all material things,We have answer about it into us.
I must do good action all the time,I must give for another people.
Don't be forget respect mind.
well, world have many religion too.
It is individual education systems.
I think If we go to whole the country,How many I don't know exactly,
We never angry for another people I felt.Please don't missunderstand me.
just my soul said
Cos, each country have them culture.

For example food,hindu doesn't eat cow,especially strictry people are no meat,
jewish people doesn't eat any hard-shelled animal with jointed limbs (crab, shrimp, etc.)
isram people does't eat pork.
What's do you think?
I just respect your culture.
Japanese doesn't have any big religional mind.
no, japanese have some this kind of mind But,
almost people afraid for about think much religion.
I 'm interested about each religion's rule,
cos, There are almost themself I think.
One african said
"religion is just like what is like or doesn't like men.
It's kind of T-shirt men!"
I could understand this opinion. very simple for myself.

Traveling taught myself many things.............

I went to perth with working holiday visa,only 50$, Djembe,shinofue and myself.
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How does real busking life has come story 2009

in malaysia busking at KL 2009
in malaysia busking at KL 2009
in malaysia busking at KL 2009

When I go to wat po massage school,

One night time,I met 2 guys near kaosan roads.
They said "we are from sliranka!Let's go to drink together bro!!!
I thought "oh srilanka have ayurveda,this happen might be good study''
and, I was need more good english skill,so I must have oppotunity to speak.
and, I didn't have wariness cos I came to thailand many time and I just came from japan.
”security is the greatest enemy" I forgotten .
We going to drink together near by kaosan road.
kaosan road is very famous touristic place in Bangkok.
1 guy said "I'm big bank company's stuff"
"I want to see your japanese yen,cos many high quality imitation money coming to bangkok at the moment''
I was show them my all money.....I'm stupid.
After time,1guy said
"I wanna buy good food for you shop is not so far,Let's go buy some!"
I'm goin as he like it.
Drinking place has only bank guy.
Come back few minute.....I saw full of beer on my glass.
They said"Ok!ok! we must do cheers!!!!We must drink full of beer one time!!"
I was drunk.As they like it.........
But,I felt little bit chemical taste by my cup of beer.Now I think again.

They gave to me sleeping pill!!! It was too strong.
I lost 6hour memory untill I woke up on the street.
But,I couldn't remember what's happen did I get.......

I didn't have any card,I had cash in my stomach.
I lost all japanese yen about 300000yen almost4000$

But,They didn't take my warret this one have still 3000 barts(about 70$)
and,passport was safe.pretty lucky,otherwise I must go to japanese embassy.
I don't like this kind of attitude,looks so foolish.
I can't say help me to my parents.It's too stupid.
I just start traveling...........

I didn't go to any police.I didn't have any insurance,
I was pretty down untill nextday's night.
cos, almost people said to me stupid for me,
How can I do.....................I was down.......................down....... lost self confidence..............absolutely................

Nextday,I did yoga and meditation......
I got positive mind.

I thoughts "God gave to myself this happen"
''If I can overcome,I can get good experience and mind"
"I have djembe and japanese traditional flute(shino-bue)"
"This happen might be good initiation for my self.

From nextday, Real Busking life was start in kaosan road................
I should play music,otherwise I can't survive in this world.

# by hossyjapan | 2012-05-09 09:24

How to make strong body and mind Japan's discipline time 2006〜2009


LaLaLa busking~ busking life.

Exactly I was start busking life since 3years half ago.
Life have many things good or bad.
I'll telling you real my story,I don't know good or bad.
Now I feel better for myself.

3years half back,
I was start travel for study yoga in india and asian massage, Breath control
Purpuse was not only music.Yes,little bit music, But,Almost How to make strong body and mind.
My plan was only 3month,firstly go to wat po thailand massage school,And then study good yoga
in rishkesh india.

Cos, When I was too poor boy.
Real story,I couldn't make 8month home rent pay,1month like 270$,about 22000yen.....
Everyday,I'm afraid for apartment owner.
Even I couldn't make electric city sometimes.
My apartment had candle life sometimes.......

Cos, I doing almost only music,And,When I was still young.
I was busking some times in japan.
When I work in tsugarushamisen(North part of japan's traditional string instruments)
live performance place 10 month 2006.
I met very talented musician brothers called kinzaburou and ginzaburou.
They were very famous in japan,
They got win at japan's shamisen conpetition sometimes.
They told me some busking point in japan.
Ginzaburou got shamisen by busking.Tsugarushamisen is very very expensive in japan.

I 'm surprised When I heard this story.
Actually They looks so talented.
Gig was art.
speak very well especially kinzaburou.
When waentei kikkou do some gigs,(exactly this shop had gig everyday.)
Day time almost played young guys.
Night time was real professional musician.
kin and gin played night time,despite they were still young.
I was 24 years old,But,They were 20? more less18? something,very talented.
Waentei kikkou gave to me good experience to see professional japanese traditional solo ways.
But, I was pretty bad about work.
Everytime forget everything, delayed,But, I could good conversation with many guest.
I can't do some waiter work.very nonsense coming........
Itachou(cooker's master)and Okami(madam)angry for myself......But, This attitude was real love.Now I felt.
Good japanese traditional ways....I can't say only thank you for them.....
And, we did introduce for musician's name or something sometimes.
Suddenly owner offered to myself.
I'm afraid for this one.Cos, Too professional for myself.
And, another older stuff was actor,dancer, guesthouse's stuff in canada etc.
Everybody did well more than myself.
I didn't accustomed to solo way.But, Such as time was become good training .Now I think.

And then,after finished this work,
I was busking in tokyo or chiba few month.
I used to use renart aku(cambodian bamboo marimba),or,talking drum, roland sampler,
conga, with taxi(15w battery amp made in japan)
I made one album by my self.
I was join some bands also. Pineapple tom(reggae funkband)very nice band.
They had 8people.everybody had good heart.and They did many improvisation session per studio.
It was many many. Cos, Leader "yamamoto" was pretty kind heart.
He accept almost all opinion by band member. very nice band.
escapegroup(arabic techno)
leader was quchu shinshi.Now he getting very famous darabukka player in japan.
His band called pyramids going to world tour since this month.
I wanna play with him in the future.He is also good heart and awesome musician.
My percussion teacher Takashi Nakazato gave to myself lesson sometimes,
Instead of I was support his work,Cos I was too poor.
I can't say just thank you for him.studied a lot of things.....
I wright down next oppotunity in this time.Poor musician time in Japan.
and then,I used to play "yama chan"when I was teenager, I was join called "Tavat"
"Tavat" was legend trance band in tokyo.
When Mr yamada got master of temple in Saisho-ji.
I was work at him temple,couple of month.
It was very studied as well.
He gave to me meditation oppotunity.
But, I was too young, sometime slept When we make meditation.
I 'll wright down next oppotunity such as time.
I can't say only thank you to him and his family..........

After finished temple work,
I 'm doing busking as well. and support my teacher's work.

One of my friend gave to me some self gusshop's stuff. very boredom work.
no responsibility,per week only 10 hour But,from3:00am~8:00am.
not yoga way......even while to work,I was done practice musical instruments
Cos,worker was just myself.
I used to wanna be studio musician kind of latin,african,Japan percussionist in Japan.
But, Real was not so eazy.....I couldn't make money by music.
I was give up for studio musician almost.....Oh god...........

And then,My teacher and many older professional musician told me,
"We Should be get frexible body!This is good for drum and everything"
I was attension how to make breath control when good musician play good music.
Especially, When tsugarushamisen(Japanese traditional strings instruments) player play solo,
They look llike stop the breath untill finish solo times.
I thinking...mmmm...This is one of the technic!
And then I was start Thai traditional massage work in tokyo.
Massage is good things,When therapist doing press,breath is exhail,
When therapist doing un press,breath is inhail.It was insterestd for me naturally!!
I was in yoga as well.But,I didn't have any guru in that time.
I just red many yoga books, Asked to my friends and parents.
I prefer yoga more than massage.Cos When people get yoga skill,
They can make sense by just themself.I don't wanna make addict for them.
But,Now I think,Massage also good.Some point can't play myself or yourself.
And, we can get calm and very relax mind by any massage.

And, My parents doing TAICHI in japan. Especially, My mother is kind of natural yogi.
She going to teach taichi in japan now.And she did yoga 10years before start taichi.
I love my parents so much.My father is pretty smart guy,But mother is not too smart like me.
We can't think deeply all the time.very positive ,I like this way,Yoga way.
So story going to back again,
I got money by massage work. And then I paid my 8month home rent,And got some traveling money about 4000$.
After massage work,I worked buddism temple's cleaning work couple of week,It was kind of meditation for myself.
So,I could start travel to asia!!
3years half back............
But,When I go to wat po massage school,
I got 1st strong accident while to this travel.

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young story 2003~2004

I doing busking(play music on the street)
I love busking.purpose is not only money.
Money is just money.
Money has come when we doing good action.

Busking is good oppotunity to make new friends.
Busking is like weather,sometime sunny come,
sometime cloudy come sometime rainy come.

I was start busking when I was 22 years old,in burma.
When I was still young,I was need more experience in front of many clowd.
Traveling with 1 conga in that time.
I went to north thailand first,next country was burma,
I was spend 2month in burma.

When I was still young,22years old.
I just finished my live performance place's booking manager work.But,I did only 3month from beggining (New open)
not really,I was escape from booking manager work.
Any PC work was all stop,I just wanna get escape only here my environment.lost energy make good relationships.........
I was lost many confidence,self confidence,good friends,That time was my turning point about life now I think.
I want to say "I'm sorry for many my friends"now I think.....
Now,I'm thinking food was bad,myself also bad,Becaurse,life style was bad.
But,I did many band's support.5~6band.american rock,jazz trio,technoband,jamband,improvisation unit,reggaeband etc.
music is my life. everytime is same.But,mind,energy was not same.
And,Booking manager work was pretty hard for myself.
should be make plan to empty date.cos,shop was new.nothing happen when I did razy.
But,I liked make work,like looking for new band,make own event,
I got paranoiya by too much busy work........

less energy.....no way......
Especially I wanna get more time for practice percussion,
otherwise go to crazy,I had presser for myself.
I didn't have any good mind.thinking need more time everyday.
not really..I wanna good be person But,too weak mind I didn't know how to make good mind before.
cooking was stop,I bought food everyday.......I was not good soul for other people.
soul got "EGO"
Now is different. No problem my life.I'm still learning.Everytime should not forget
bigginer's mind.

Now,I'm doing traveling since 3 years half back when I finished my apartment in tokyo.
Traveling taught myself a lot of things.
Answer are ''keep well life style.''"we must live with sun rotation(earth)
"Food make themself" "frat is better""keep doing exacise""don't forget respect for all"
"We must have empty head time""Too much thinking is not good"
"Love is give way"

I wanna talk about this things It's like yoga way.
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Bali life

in bali Kechak dancei
in bali monkey temple
in bali kuta
In bali kechak

I went Indonesia Bali 19 april to 23 april.
It's was pretty short time,But,
Many happen came to myself in bali.
Mysterious country......coming..........

One of my good friends suke living in kuta.
He doing surf and music.He is real japanese But,looks so balinese.
He came to airport to take me by motorbike.
He was escort to myself all days.

Such as time,very nice......

We went to temple,Cos,There have kechak dance.
It took 2hour from kuta.
Another called like monkey temple.
Oh,many monkey,But,Sometimes monkey did bad action for humanbeing.
Not exactly,Cos,There are monkey's teritory.
It might be humanbeing corrosion to his house.

After lunch,Suddenly,One crazy monkey attaked for myself.
Therefore I lost my sandal and got damage my left foot.
I was pretty afraid for them...........
I did nothing for them.
I heard after time,This is them work.
If people give to them something foods,They will take off.
But, I didn't do for them......karma!?.....

OKok, No think......

6:00 pm, Bali traditional was come to show time.
Show looks like imprecation.I like it!!!

kechak dance was pretty good,I was remember when I was junior high school student,
I saw one of lazer disk about kechak dance in music class.
It was my good mysterious memory.I said twice,I felt show was like inprecation.

We did busking as well.
I felt kuta had many australian people,like them country.
We did separately,It was very good.
I met many new friends.Balinese were good vibs!

2days,Suke took me beach,But,wave was too strong for begginer like me.
I couldn't make surf It was sad.........

We did busk on the night.also good time.

3days,We went to ubud by bic.I have batik artist friends,
She has guesthouse for foreigner,I want to meet to her ,Cos she is real artist.
We couldn't make something happen It was very sad.................

But,Ubud was pretty good place,Many kind of art,
I'll stay long time next time.

Bali has Bali hindu religion.....
Not same hindu,Individual religion....
God like hindu god,But, Totally different.
I want to know about religionally story..................

I gotten many mystery at Bali.

I can't wait next time to go....................................
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_/\_ 'Ho ssy' Records at the Chill Om Studio Live

in India new delhi recording at chillomrecords 2012
in India new delhi recording at chillomrecords 2012

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in India rishkeshi hemkundvasera hotel2009
In India rishkesh meditation2010
in UK london brickrane gig at creativecollective exhibition2011


all songs are nice tune.

psychedric trance tune,acoustic pops
ambient,electro pops, psychederic rock.

please listen and relax.
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in india new delhi recording at chillomrecords2012
]in india new delhi recording at chillomrecords2012
]in india new delhi recording at chillomrecords2012
]in india new delhi recording at chillomrecords2012 rabel owner Tatva kundalini play synth

When I wake up everymorning,
I doing yoga and meditation.

It's yogi way.
I wanna be music yogi.

I did nice yoga time this morning.
I ate mango, bananas,tomatoes,moong dal,carrot just like these ways.
now my skin is very good.
fresh food,simple food make good sense!!!!!!!!
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chillom RECORDS vol.2

Now is chillom records.

They gave to me free to stay since 1 week ago.
We did recording couple of songs.

I making music.But, I never had such as good environment to record my music.
But, My solo work getting better.
I studied a lot Here is so nice.
Everyday,Many musician came here,
Cos, Tatva kundalini(rebel owner) doing many music work,project,gigs.
I felt He really has talent about music,no,not only music.Everything.

So, Now,Well done music recording

I felt It was really hard work.
You guys feel not so hard working Cos only couple of song...But,Many happen inside!

mic setting>>sound check>>mic setting>>>sound check X many times

recording>>Good live But clip coming do again do again
Punch in Punch out>>>
But, Tatva and myself become good friends.
He is artist.
We made good work I think.and

I want say dhannyaward to chillom stuff.

Well, Mixdown , Masterling was also hardwork!
I never use such as long time for 1 songs.
Studied a lot.....

Now is shanty............mystic of India..................
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by Ho ssy





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